A huge thank-you to all our traders from around the world!

“Thank you for your insight and guidance. I got into the trades late, but I still made 16 whole points on the Nasdaq!”

Ian Schilling, Brighton, UK

“Finally, I’m consistently making more pips than I’m losing. It feels so great to trade. Thanks again for your assistance.”

Andre, Durban, South Africa

“I have spent thousands on training and I have already learned more in your trading room then I ever did elsewhere.”

Hannah Rajiv, Tel Aviv, Israel

“May I just say to Gary and his team, THANK YOU! A big thumbs up for all your hard work and all that you do for us.”

Jeff Riverside, Perth, Australia

“Your live trading room is awesome, I’ve learned more in 2 weeks than in the last 4 years. Thank you all so very much for your hard, hard work. Please thank Gary also for what he is doing for all of us. You just can’t put a price on how much you all are helping me. I now KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that I CAN NOW trade profitably, what a relief. Thank you again & God Bless you all.”

Max Ryker, Phoenix, Arizona

“Following the H & S pattern you showed me a couple of days ago, I rode the euro up for over a 100+ pips gain. But then it stalled and last night I saw a negative divergence of MACD on the 1hr chart and shorted it at 1.2266 and so far I am up about 60+ pips. Your trading room is amazing and so much simpler than the so called 4xmade****. Can’t thank you enough Gary. Keep up the good work.”


“I spent approx $4,500 on training with other so called professional companies and I have already learned more in your mentoring area then I did from any of those materials. You have been great with me since the day I joined and I thank you all.”

Debbie Hawkins, Toronto, Canada

“1st I have to thank you for the training. I know for me it’s still early days, but so far your trading room has been deadly accurate (3 days in a row). Your disciplined system has paved & lighted my forex trading path & turned my dumb money into smart money. Thank you.”

Greg Mullis, Seattle, USA

“It is a pure pleasure to be able to trade alongside guys who really know their stuff. Real experts is all I can say.”

Pascal Motte, Paris, France

“Gary speaks good French and has taught me how to trade the correct way. A master trader and a true gentleman.”

Pedro Ielpo, Milan, Italy

“I always wanted to trade the Italian stock market but didn’t know how. Tradercliq has shown me how to. Thanks!”

Xi Hu, Shanghai, China

“Your JPY signals are very very good. I only trade the Asian session with you. You beat the competition many times.”

Diego Garcia, Lima, Peru

“Where have you been all my life?! You are the best, no contest! If anybody disagrees sue them, or I will. Within days of entering your trading room I could identify tradeable trades and have been spot-on, though I have not even started to paper trade! And to make matters worse I tried to apply the many techiques I was taught previously and guess what? none work……well let’s skip that part. You are God’s gift to us the ordinary folks.”

Alexei Petrov, Moscow, Russia

“I just wanted to say thanks for creating your trading room and sharing your real world trading experiences with everyone. I have done some trading in stocks and options with other supposed gurus and programs but your system, based on sound logic, discipline and careful risk-management has lead me to become very consistent in my winning trades. I have no doubts now, that I can make money long term in the markets.”

Kevin Harris, San Diego, USA

“I am quite literally astounded at your accuracy of predictions day after day of receiving your daily news letter. I have already done well this month simply because I had the guts to listen to you and know your predictions are usually right on. I have a little account I play with that is only $1000.00 but it is fun and hopefully will grow over time. I am in no hurry. Down the road a bit I think I will open up a larger account and trade with you full-time. After all you can’t knock success and proof is in my trading. I don’t know where you get your info on the commercial traders (big dogs) but do keep up the good work.”

Stefan Manko, Auckland, New Zealand

“Hi Gary, I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the time and effort you put into the daly trading room session. For someone like me (just learning to trade), they have really been teaching me valuable lessons. As a new trader it really helps when you go through the currencies and the different stock markets and show us your perspective on what you think is going to happen. I have made $850 in demo money the last two days tracking a couple of your position trades. I don’t know of any other course on the internet that is as hands on as yours. Long may you last! God Bless.”

Akane Tanaka, Osaka, Japan

“Due to the time difference it is difficult for me to trade with you, but when I do I really learn lots of new things.”

Marco DePinta, Sevilla, Spain

“I got 38 pips on the EUR/USD today and I also made 14 points on the DAX at the European close. A great day!”

Duncan Hornby, Dublin, Ireland

“Just wanted to tell you all that your hard efforts are really appreciated, by me anyway. Looking forward to trading tomorrow.”

Ajit Shah, New Delhi, India

This is perfect for me! I am learning so much and I now can see the light. It is incredible how well I am doing. A big thank-you!

Stephen Moss, Singapore

“I’m a real cynic, and have become quite jaded by scams that pummel me in my e-mail, on the phone, and on the television constantly. Your quick response last night was very encouraging … it convinced me you are indeed human and not some stupid robot!”

Nick Marolt, Chicago USA

“Can you tell me why people like myself have been ‘stuck’ with trading Futures + Options for years? I am still puzzled. I must say you provide superb service and support. The market maker I just got off the phone with spoke very highly of you.”

Tony Albertini, Cardiff, Wales

“I have spent a lot of time searching the ‘Net’ for info, and always found my way back to you. you seem to be the genuine article among the mountains of rubbish available. The Free Trial offer was extremely useful and I will be signing up with you guys very soon.”

Jenny Wong, Hong Kong

“I want to say that your service is very professional. The trades you execute are very clear and accurate. I have already earned back the money spent for this in 2 weeks. It’s really a great offer, maybe too cheap! A thank-you to Akio & to the team.”

Gordon Hamilton, London, England

“I would like to personally thank you and your very talented team for all that you provide. I have been a student for a couple months and I am currently trading successfully in a demo account ‘soon to go live’. I am absolutely amazed at the amount of coaching and attention that you provide your students. I am very happy to be part of this family and I feel that I have new friends from all over the world. Thank you.”

Chloe Porter, Oslo, Norway

“I must say that I am very, very pleased with this, it is just brilliant. For a long time I’ve been looking for a real-time training of sorts where the teacher says “this is what you do” First you do this, then this, then that, etc, as well as showing you all the indicators and how they work in the market. I am now getting a proper education which I couldn’t find before.”

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